Time to Citizenship

6-9 Months

Residency Requirement


Visa-Free Travel

115 Countries


Spouse, dependent children under 30 years of age and dependent parents over 55 years of age.

Tax Consequences

No taxes on non-residents

Dual Citizenship


Language Requirements


The Dominica Citizenship by Investment program provides one of the most affordable investment opportunities to obtain citizenship and a second passport in the Caribbean. With an investment amount starting at $100,000 for a single applicant, processing in 6-9 months and Visa-Free travel to 115 countries, the Dominican Citizenship programme shouldn’t be overlooked.

Investment Criteria

The Dominica Citizenship Programme has been operating since 1993. It allows applicants the opportunity to receive full, legal citizenship and a passport for themselves and their family by making an investment in the country:

Option 1

Government Fund Donation

Minimum Investment - $100,000 USD

The investor must make a payment to the Dominican Government. The donation amount required depends on the number of family members included in the application, but starts at $100,000 for a single applicant. Get a free consultation from one of our citizenship experts to find out the required amount for you and your family.

Option 2

Real Estate Investment

Minimum Investment - $200,000 USD

To qualify for citizenship under the real estate option, the applicant must purchase authorized real estate with a minimum value of $200,000.

Because of its beautiful landscapes, and beneficial economic reforms, Dominica is the perfect place to invest and gain access to the Caribbean economy and way of life.

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